AdvantageS for Energy Producers

  • Reneums are issued free-of-charge to help unlock the full value of your projects
  • Reneum’s technology records your electricity generation data automatically, so no cumbersome certification processes
  • The transparent and trusted blockchain technology minimizes lengthy inspections and audit assessments
  • Automatically executing smart contracts eliminate expensive certificate issuance fees
  • Automatically executing smart contracts eliminate expensive certificate issuance fees
  • The global nature of the platform supports token price increases and buoys demand
  • No up-front costs means smaller projects can participate in this market that has historically been cost-prohibitive
  • Transactions occur directly between the project and the buyer, so there are no broker fees or transaction costs

Certification Process

for project owners to receive GRENs

1. An eligible project will request to join through the Join Us section!

2. On request, the project developer or owner provides documentation covering the core project information above, along with confirmation that:

  • a. The project is not receiving, nor has applied to receive any other EACs or carbon credits;
  • b. The project has not sold its non-power attributes as part of a bundled PPA; and
  • c. Any support given to the project does not confer rights to the project’s non-power attributes;

3. Once the information has been verified by Reneum (including checks of all the major carbon and REC registries), site inspection will be conducted.

4. Projects will be connected remotely via API to each site’s SCADA or monitoring system, which requires access to this control system. Please note this is required for on-demand monitoring and we cannot accept offline meter readings.

5. Once project’s monitoring system is connected, a Reneum team member will help you set up your smart wallet where you will begin receiving GREN tokens to sell.

6. You can now monetize your tokens entirely on your own!