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Vigbyor is a microgrid provider connecting 11 individual rooftop solar sites to the Reneum platform. This connection generates power in regional communities in India.

Vigbyor Energy

0.7 MW

A subsidiary of Petronas Group, Amplus Solar is a photovoltaic provider in India. They have connected 135 MW of PV solar to Reneum at their VEER site.

Amplus Solar

135 MW

Thai Solar Energy has connected its HomePro distributed solar rooftop collective off-grid, including 14 individual sites across northern Thailand.

Thai Solar Energy

50 MW

The Nubian Suns projects of SP Energy comprise 13 solar power plants located in the Benban Solar Park, near Aswan in Egypt. CDC Investments is the portfolio owner.

SP Energy

50 MW

Domestically-funded Song Lam Son La Energy’s ground mount solar project in Northern Vietnam connected to Reneum in 2020.

Song Lam Son La Energy

30 MW

Solstice is a solar energy provider with projects throughout the Middle East. Solstice has three ground mount solar systems connected to Reneum across southern Jordan.

Solstice Renewable Energy

10 MW

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290 MW

Solar Park Tamberias in Argentina, owned by Emede Solar Group, with 3.6 MW. Reneum certifies the remaining projects.

Emede Solar

3.6 MWGround

Japanese renewable energy developer Pacifico Energy has registered their Vietnamese-based Mui Ne mega solar project to Reneum.

Pacifico Energy

125,500kw Generated

Harrapa Solar commissioned the 50 MW Photovoltaic Solar Farm in eastern Pakistan in 2019, which became the most advance solar farm in Pakistan.

Harrapa Solar

50 MW

Harrapa Solar commissioned the 18 MW Photovoltaic Solar Farm in eastern Pakistan in 2017, which is the first of its kind with single axis tracking.

Gharo Solar

18 MW

Foresight is a solar investment fund out of the UK, with investments throughout Europe. Their 26MW Portuguese solar installation was the first project to connect to Reneum in 2019.

Foresight Solar Fund

26 MW

The farm, with a power generation of 3.29 MWp, will contribute 6.25 gigawatt hours to the Chilean electric system per year, an amount that is equivalent to the consumption needs of over 3,000 Chilean homes.

Bellavista Solar Farm

26 MW

Jointly owned by the Jordanian government, this project site is one of the highest solar radiation areas globally, and has been used as a trial for the government’s renewable energy adoption scheme.

Catalyst’s Falcon Project

23 MW

Built in 2016, the project will avoid over 10.000 Tons of CO2 Emissions per year and supply energy to cover the demand of more than 9.000 households

Catalyst’s Falcon Project

10 MW

Built in 2016, the project will avoid over 10.000 Tons of CO2 Emissions per year and supply energy to cover the demand of more than 9.000 households

Hadron Solar PK

0.65 MW


Renewable energy project owners, shareholders & developers can apply to be certified by Reneum Institute to earn GREN tokens.

Reneum undertakes robust certification measures to ensure all registered projects are in compliance with global REC standard criteria such as physical project inspection, contract due diligence, meter reading review and verification against double sale of credits.

In order for a project to receive Reneums, it must:

  • Produce 100% renewable power from an eligible source. Eligible sources include:
    • Solar (PV and concentrated solar thermal)
    • Wind (onshore and offshore)
    • Waste to Energy
    • Geothermal
    • Small-scale hydro will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Receive no other EACs (RECs, ROCs, REGOs, etc.) that represent a property right to its non-power attributes
  • Receive no carbon credits associated with the emissions reduced compared to a fossil fuel alternative
  • Not have a PPA with a third-party that includes/bundles non-power attributes

Certification Process

for project owners to receive GRENs

1. An eligible project will request to join through the Join Us section!

2. On request, the project developer or owner provides documentation covering the core project information above, along with confirmation that:

  • a. The project is not receiving, nor has applied to receive any other EACs or carbon credits;
  • b. The project has not sold its non-power attributes as part of a bundled PPA; and
  • c. Any support given to the project does not confer rights to the project’s non-power attributes;

3. Once the information has been verified by Reneum (including checks of all the major carbon and REC registries), site inspection will be conducted.

4. Projects will be connected remotely via API to each site’s SCADA or monitoring system, which requires access to this control system. Please note this is required for on-demand monitoring and we cannot accept offline meter readings.

5. Once project’s monitoring system is connected, a Reneum team member will help you set up your smart wallet where you will begin receiving GREN tokens to sell.

6. You can now monetize your tokens entirely on your own!