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Our digital Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) enable businesses to source 100% renewable energy from projects globally, with a focus on emerging markets. We aim to accelerate the energy transition where it is needed most.

Transparent Impact with Reneum

Green your fossil fuel energy consumption, whilst allowing anyone trace the funds end to end.
Digital REC
All buyers of RECs certified by Reneum receive a downloadable receipt of purchase in the form of a Digital REC. The document links to the full transaction data, from provenance to recipient project details. Reneum digital RECs conform with the RE100 Technical Criteria.
The Marketplace
Reneum’s Marketplace lists all of the dREC inventory from projects around the globe, allowing businesses and individuals to source and fund renewable energy.
Our Motivation
Our Motivation
of climate change
is impacted by fossil fuel-powered energy (making a transition to renewables the most important action we can take to impact the climate)

The Reneum Solution

Direct Climate Action
We are tired of the false climate promises from governments and companies and despite the financial tools available to us, our reappropriation of capital to fight climate change is glacially slow. Meanwhile the clock is ticking.
Reneum is a solution to bypass the failing traditional system and allow every individual and entity to interact directly in a fully verifiable and effective way.
Not a greenwashing machine
Green-washing, what a bummer. Reneum is taking trust out of the equation and replacing it with truth. Renew Record by Reneum is a traceable label that records how businesses are directly funding vetted renewable energy projects. Don’t just take their word for it, fact-check for yourself.
Light on blockchain, heavy on renewables
The power of decentralization in Web3 is a key foundation for us in fulfilling our mission. Building Reneum on the blockchain allows for complete transparency and efficiency for each transaction, from purchase on the Reneum marketplace to delivery of funds to the project. No bureaucrats, no middlemen, no sneaky commissions. You can now view it yourself and do it yourself.
Financial instruments to financially instrumental
Even though the cost of renewable development is falling and we have a global abundance of capital, the energy transition away from fossil fuels to renewables is too slow. Reneum provides a solution by creating a marketplace to funnel capital directly to those who need it most, using financial instruments to become financially instrumental in accelerating the energy transition.
Green power for the future of changemakers
We make it simple for businesses and citizens to address the climate crisis through straightforward and unequivocal funding. At the same time we want to give climate–conscious people a symbol they can have confidence in. Our goal? To create a renewable energy movement for the future, so we are empowering a new wave of climate heroes who can be proud of being part of the fight against fossil fuels and climate change.

With Reneum

Reneum’s impact on the energy transition with your help.

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Harib Bakhshi

Harib Bakhshi

Founder & CEO

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Monika Wojcik

Head of Sustainability

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Fieras Freijeh

Head of Sales

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Alex Ring

Operations Manager