Direct Climate Action For a Change

A marketplace to accelerate the energy transition, sending capital where it’s needed most.

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Our Mission

The First Green Marketplace

Reneum is creating the first green marketplace to accelerate the energy transition

A Solution for Everyone

Reneum is a solution for everyone disillusioned by false climate promises; for those who understand the urgent need to pull the plug on fossil fuels.

A Novel Approach

Focusing on the production of green energy rather than carbon drawdown, we offer a novel approach to environmental action.

A Climate Action Plan

Our journey starts with renewable energy, but will expand to fund other environmental causes as we reach our clean energy targets.

Blockchain for Transparency

We use blockchain to fund renewable energy, leveraging the technology to verify every clean megawatt-hour produced and trace the journey of every single dollar spent. Stakeholders can finally look under the hood at the impact they’re making.

From Citizens to Government

Citizens will set the example, sending a clear signal to corporations, and ultimately driving government policy.

A Hub for Discussions

As we transition into being DAO-governed, Reneum will become the hub of citizen climate discussions and action.

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Our Motivation

of climate change

is caused by energy production, making renewables the biggest lever for climate impact

annual subsidies

to fossil fuels (7% of global GDP) compared to only $300B to renewables

renewable energy penetration

instead of the 80% we need globally in order to reach 2030 targets

The Reneum Solution

Direct Climate Action
We are tired of the false climate promises from governments and companies and despite the financial tools available to us, our reappropriation of capital to fight climate change is glacially slow. Meanwhile the clock is ticking.
Reneum is a solution to bypass the failing traditional system and allow every individual and entity to interact directly in a fully verifiable and effective way.
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Light on Blockchain, Heavy on Renewables
The power of decentralization in Web3 is a key foundation for us in fulfilling our mission. Building Reneum on the blockchain allows for complete transparency and efficiency for each transaction, from purchase on the Reneum marketplace to delivery of funds to the project.
No bureaucrats, no middlemen, no sneaky commissions. You can now view it yourself and do it yourself.
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Financial Instruments to Financially Instrumental
Even though the cost of renewable development is falling and we have a global abundance of capital, the energy transition away from fossil fuels to renewables is too slow.
Reneum provides a solution by creating a marketplace to funnel capital directly to those who need it most, using financial instruments to become financially instrumental in accelerating the energy transition.
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Not a Greenwashing Machine
Empowering a new wave of climate heroes who can be proud of being part of the fight against fossil fuels and climate change, we are not here to be the next vehicle for corporate greenwashing.
Through Reneum anyone can demonstrate their commitment and join the movement that provides a solution of direct climate action.
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How it Works

Buy RENW tokens
Fund projects globally
Receive Eisbaer NFT
Projects increase MWh
More renewable energy
Reneum empowers individuals and provides them with the means to participate in and help transition to a world where everyone’s lifestyles is powered by clean, bountiful and green energy.


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Join the Eisbaer Family

Why join the Eisbaer family on their journey?

We are creating a community of climate heroes and we are here to leave a positive legacy.

Eisbaer NFT

After greening your energy footprint on the marketplace, you receive a 'verified green' receipt in the form of an Eisbaer NFT, which serves as proof of impact and full membership to the Reneum community.

These NFTs feature artwork inspired by the narrative of the Eisbaers - the story of a global family of bears and their desperate journey through a changing world. Ownership of Eisbaer NFTs is a statement of green values.

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Global Portfolio Of Projects

Reneum Team

Brianna Welsh

Co-Founder & CEO

Assaad Razzouk

Founder & Non-Executive Director

Harib Bakhshi

VP Engineering

Antonio Lopez

Head of Business Development

Mikhail Schemm

Head of Marketing

Jessica Cheam

Non-Executive Director


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We’ve Got Big Plans

Reneum is starting a movement fueled by like-minded individuals who care about the future of the planet and want to be empowered.

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